Ipswich Community Development Plan

2020-2035 Community Development Plan (CDP)

Ipswich is underway with Phase II of its Community Development Update! 

Click here to review slides summarizing CDP work completed in Phase I and upcoming Phase II efforts. This presentation was given to the Ipswich Rotary in March, 2020.

In early 2019, a Community Development Plan (CDP) Steering Committee was appointed and convened to guide Phase I of the process to update components of the Town's CDP and develop a new 2020-2035 Plan. 

CDP Steering Committee members include: Jacob Borgman, Andy Brengle, Carolyn Britt, Chris Doucette, Philippa Drew, Peter Elliot, David Feldman, Betsy Frost, Donald Greenough, Gordon Harris, Walt Hartford, Luke Hourican, Chris Morse, Carl Nylen, Ann Orcutt, William Paulitz, Ed Rauscher, Chris Sandulli, Kathleen Spinale, Jay Stanbury, Sheila Taylor, Helen Weatherall, Kevin Westerhoff, William Whitmore, Clark Ziegler, Ingrid Miles, and Kerrie Bates.

Phase I included development by the community of a Vision Statement and Needs Assessment, which were completed with guidance from planning consultant JM Goldson in December 2019. 
Here are the Main Takeaways from the research and public engagement process conducted during Phase 1 in 2019. The complete Phase 1 Materials are below. (Please note that these materials are designed to be the foundation for Phase 2 of the CDP and therefore they are being considered a work in progress.)
Needs Assessment + Appendices (large file, make take a few moments to open)

Phase II: The Phase I Vision Statement and Needs Assessment, as well as components of the 2003 and 2008 CDP Updates, will be incorporated into the Phase II process, which was begun in February 2020. The Town has hired JM Goldson, LLC consultants to guide Ipswich with CDP goal setting, development of implementation strategies, and completion of a final 15-year Community Development Plan for the Town. 

Click here for the timeline for Phase II.

CDP Steering Committee zoom meeting video from July 14, 2020, is here.

CDP Vision, Goals, and Strategies DRAFT 7-27-20

All CDP Steering Committee meetings are open to the public and posted with the Town Clerk. Steering Committee minutes can be found on the Town website. For more information, contact Kristen Grubbs in the Planning Office at kristeng@ipswichma.gov or 978-356-6607 x2. 


The 2003 Ipswich Community Development Plan was developed under the guidance of the Town’s Growth Management Steering Committee and the Department of Planning & Development. The Plan was adopted by the Planning Board on July 24, 2003, and accepted by the Board of Selectmen on September 15, 2003. On October 20, 2003 the Ipswich Special Town Meeting accepted both the Plan and a process for its implementation, including:
  • A general bylaw requiring town boards and commissions to consider the Community Development Plan when making decisions relative to the Plan.
  • The establishment of the Community Development Plan Task Force to oversee the implementation of the Plan.
The focus of the Community Development Plan is primarily on three topics: Housing, Economic Development, and Transportation. A fourth important topic, open space, was addressed in detail in the Town’s 2000 Green Ring Plan and in the Town's Open Space and Recreation Plan (under revision in 2019). Also integrated into the Plan is the Ipswich Town Character Statement, which was adopted by the Planning Board on September 2, 2004.

Maps found in the 2003 Ipswich Community Development Plan are:
Fig 1-1 Land Suitability Map
Fig 1-2 Land Use Guide Plan
Fig 3-1 Housing Action Map
Fig 4-1 Economic Development Action Map
Fig 5-1 Transportation Action Map
Fig 6-4 Zoning Map
Fig 6-5 1999 Land Use Map
Fig 8-1 Transportation Inventory Map

In the summer of 2007, recognizing the need to incorporate a more specific focus on resource efficiency and sustainability issues, the CDP Implementation Task Force reconvened to propose additions to the goals, policies and action steps included in this Plan. 
The 2008 CDP Amendments were adopted by the Planning Board on March 27, 2008.